Barna Cattery Accommodation

We have a selection of blankets, bowls, litter, and we even have toys for your cat to play with. We also provide fresh water every day, however, there are some things you can bring to make your cat's stay more comfortable.

Vaccination Records

For health and safety reasons, all cats must be fully vaccinated prior to boarding the cattery. If you are not sure if your cat is fully vaccinated, you can give your vet a call. Please bring the vaccination card with you upon arrival so that we can take note of it for our record.

All male cats over the age of 6 months must be neutered.

Why are vaccinations so important?

Cats can and will get sick at some point in their lives, just like humans. This could be a cough or a cold, or even the flu. Vaccinations protects them from serious illnesses and helps building their immune system. While all cats have separate units and do not come in contact with each other, bacteria can still travel and get around, despite all efforts of trying to prevent it. Therefore, if something does go around, vaccinations help decrease the likelihood of developing something serious. If a cat has no vaccinations, they will be vulnerable and at risk.

Blankets or Beds

We understand being away from home can be hard. Therefore, bringing a blanket, a bed or any other soft material your cat likes to sleep on (e.g., t-shirt) is always a good idea. The scent of home will give your cat some comfort and familiarity while away from home.


Please bring your own supply of food and make sure there is enough for the whole duration of your cat's stay. If you run out, we can replace it.

Toys, Scratch Posts and Grooming Supplies

You are welcome to bring your cat's favourite toys, scratch post and grooming supplies. Just let us know if your cat is prone to scratch (even if playfully) so that we can take caution when grooming him or her.

Litter and Bowls

There is no need to bring your own litter or bowls as we supply both. Bowls are changed frequently as they need to be washed, and the litter is cleaned every day, sometimes several times depending on the cat's needs.

Anything else?

If there is anything you think will help your cat get more comfortable and it fits into their units, you are welcome to bring it along. If you are unsure, give us a call.